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Saturday, 20 August 2011

just experiments!!!

 ideas that ive been playing about with,trying to take it to another level.

think ill keep going with it, nice to loosen up!


me and the crew traveled up to brum a week or so ago to paint the tamworth jam,big thanks to kemef for inviting us up and to vomet for putting us all up at his house and making us more than welcome,top lad! had a top weekend. thanks to bert23 for all the flicks and the beers through out the day.

       few from bert23 as it was coming together,we also got the chance to paint on the sunday at the copperworks with a bunch of cool people,its gotta be one of the dopest spots to paint, ridiculous amount of wall space,never seen eny thing like it !!

 piece and joiner from the tamworth jam

copperworks and a quick motorway crome just to finish of a dope weekend,met so many people that icouldent name them all, just big thanks to vomet onenil bert kemef all my crew and every one who painted the weekend.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

.MK doing it again.

Did a wall with nerve and squid last week,booming weather,beers and lots of paint = perfect day!
heres how it went

finished piece

full wall :- nerve, karm and squid.
its nice to be able to paint till gone 9 at night and still get flicks.

scrap killing!

droped a wall with news and skwid on the weekend,scrap killer piece,allways keeping you on you toes making you think alot more when theres a small supply of paint,was good fun.
met plenty of new heads at the kfo exhibition at the boiler house the night befor,so heres the hungover efforts.

.close up.
Tried to get a few more progress pics off how the piece came together

big up vomet and onenil busting a wall next to us and bird,smak and news over the way from us,eny way
 heres the finished piece.

Friday, 10 June 2011


started this wall some time last week down hailey park,sun was shining this morning so went to get it finished, was expecting it to be destroyed by an arse hole with a tin of paint by now but all was good.

.few close up pics.
dark ckmk got some footage of me painting, whilst he filmed people chatting bunk about space and the universe for uni haha


any way heres the finished piece

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


me and nerve were asked to do some live boards at a dubsteb event in cardiff on thursday night/friday morning.we both had doubts about how this was gunna go down but suprisingly went very well.
well you know its been a good night when you leave a club at half 3 pissed ,spend the night in a 5star hotel on the 18th floor over looking the whole of cardiff and you havent spent a penny.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

budgie smuggler!

This theme some how came from me trying to throw verbal abuse down the phone at nerve by calling him a "budgie smuggler" so he hatches an idea and here it is.

some details,i spent a very long time getting this piece to a level where i was happy with it, almost 14 hours spread over two days to be correct!
karm piece,nerves budgie smuggler.
Also i am now an official member of Cruel Vapours Krew (CVK) so you can also check my work over at :-